International Robert Schumann VIDEO Competition 2020/21


The 18th International Robert Schumann Competition 2020 (already postponed by one year) has to be cancelled. The Covid 19 situation just at the moment seems to be worse than ever before in Zwickau, so the invitation of 2020 has to be cancelled and the next International Robert Schumann Competition in the categories Piano and Singing is scheduled only for 2024.

Special edition: Robert-Schumann-VIDEO-Competition

Already in February, participants who had registered in 2020 were invited, to send in a video as a substitute for the first round. Deadline was 19th April. 131 young musicians (64 pianists, 39 female and 28 male singers) from 32 countries took part. With participants from the USA, Australia and Brazil all five parts of the earth are among the competitors.

The Kulturamt Zwickau has decided, to take this as a basis for a new Robert-Schumann-VIDEO-Competition with two rounds. A slightly reduced number of jury members will evaluate the videos sent in for the first round until 27th April. The results, i. e. the participants who have qualified for the second (=final) round, will be published on 3rd May. Until 1st June they can upload a second video for the final round. The jury will evaluate these new videos until 9th June. On 11th June the winners will be published. To be awarded are 12 special prizes (2.000 EUR each). The city of Zwickau and other cities from the Schumann network will try to arrange concerts for the prizewinners.

The videos of the participants of the second round are going to be published on the youtube channel “Schumann in Zwickau”.

Here are the Qualifiers for the secon round:


    Di Dedda, Antonio (Italien)    
    Elvira Márquez, Juan (Spanien)
    Grot, Anna (Russland)
    Kato, Daiki (Japan)
    Kim, Taekyung (Südkorea)
    Kim, Uram (Südkorea)
    Koga, Taiji (Japan)
    Koshcheev, Ivan (Russland)
    Mclachlan, Callum (Großbritannien)
    Poghossian, Tigran (Frankreich)
    Radić, Viktor (Serbien)
    Sato, Motohiro (Japan)
    Shychko, Andrei (Weißrussland)
    Skomorokhov, Vladimir (Russland)
    Song, Daeun (Südkorea)
    Soos, Viktor (Deutschland)
    Vujadinovic, Sara (Serbien)
    Wang, Deren (China)
    Weber, Matteo (Deutschland)

Male Singers

    Caillet, Ronan (Frankreich)
    Gygli, Felix (Schweiz)
    Kusters, Vincent (Niederlande)
    Lim, Jeeyoung (Südkorea)
    Pfannkuch, Nikolaus (Deutschland)
    Prószyński, Michał (Polen)
    Radosavljevic, Leo (Estland/USA)
    Schwarz, Johannes (Deutschland)
    Sun, Zhuohan (China)
    Theis, Ansgar (Deutschland)

Female Singers

    Adamova, Bella (Tschechische Republik/Russland)
    An, Teaa (Südkorea)
    Bielarczyk, Paulina (Polen)
    Büsing, Cosima (Deutschland)
    Förster, Felicity (Deutschland)
    Heymann, Anna-Christine (Deutschland)
    Kang, Hyun Seon (Südkorea)
    Lee, Soyeon (Südkorea)
    Lena de Terry, Nicole (Österreich)
    Nahrstedt, Isabelle (Deutschland)
    Pilsl, Theresa (Deutschland)
    Widmann, Mirjam Kavita (Deutschland)


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