Robert Schumann Conservatory

The Robert Schumann Conservatory is actively dedicated to the training of young musical talent as well as to tending to the legacy of Robert Schumann. As the city's music school, this renowned institution offers a broad spectrum of instrumental and voice training and courses. From baby's music garden to offerings in the fields of jazz, rock and pop, in the »Cons« everyone will find a musical activity regardless of age. Thus, to quote one of the guiding principles, one can experience »CONcentrated MUSIC«. Along with private or group instruction where a fee is charged, getting involved in the ensembles and orchestras as well as instruction in various complementary subjects (e.g. music theory or composition) is offered free of charge.

The Robert Schumann Conservatory was founded in 1947 initially as a »People's Academy and Institute of Culture«. Four years later came the bestowal of the title Robert Schumann Conservatory - Technical School - and Technical Primary School for Music«. In 1967 the facility was eventually converted into a District Music School. Initially from 1990 and - after the takeover in the interim by the Free State of Saxony - finally from 1996 onward, the conservatory has been one of the City of Zwickau's own concerns.

The conservatory offers musical training on all orchestral instruments, a multifaceted course system and prepares its pupils for musical study at a higher level. Additionally, it excels with its intensive ensemble work including, amongst others, the Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, the Plucked String Orchestra, the Accordion Orchestra, the Clarinet Ensemble, the Big Band, the BaRock Orchestra, the Jazz Choir, the ImproBand as well as other chamber music ensembles and jazz bands. The concert activities of the soloists and ensembles are correspondingly extensive.

This good work is reflected, for example, in the number of prize winners in regional, state and national competitions such as »Youth Makes Music« and »Youth Plays Jazz«, the German Orchestral Competition, the German Ensemble Competition and other solo, chamber and orchestra competitions at home and abroad.

In addition, every two years, the Robert Schumann Conservatory organizes and houses the Junior Schumann Competition for Young Pianists featuring contestants from all over Germany.


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