Robert-Schumann-Prize of the City of Zwickau

The Robert-Schumann-Prize of the City of Zwickau has been awarded by the Lord Mayor since 1964, usually on the 8th of June, the composer's birthday. The recipient is entitled to bear the title of »Winner of the Robert Schumann Prize of the City of Zwickau of the year ...«. The regular cycle of the award was yearly between 1964 and 2002; from 2003 the prize is awarded every two years. The prize is awarded to outstanding conductors, instrumentalists, singers, musical groups or institutions in German or international musical life, and musicologists or research institutions who are worthy of recognition either for having promoted the music of Robert Schumann or for having conducted research into his life and work.

The suggested recipients are processed and submitted by the committee of the Robert Schumann Society of Zwickau e.V, which is a registered society. For the duration of its term of office, the city council forms a jury for awarding the prize. The prize is endowed with a total of 10,000 Euros. The prize also includes a bronze medallion engraved with the Schumann portrait by Gerhard Lichtenfeld and a certificate. The Robert Schumann Prize may be awarded to joint recipients.

Ragna Schirmer and Janina Klassen, Prize winners 2019

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