Following Schumann’s footsteps

Robert Schumann was born on June 8, 1810 in Zwickau, nowadays the fourth-largest city in Saxony. Here he spent his childhood and adolescence, made his first artistic efforts and gained the fundamental impetus for his further creative development. Even after leaving Zwickau he still felt a close bond to his hometown and returned several times, for example in 1847. When Schumann’s music had already become known worldwide Emanuel Klitzsch, a school teacher from Zwickau, initiated the first Schumann Festival in Zwickau. The composer conducted his Symphony in C major at the ‚Gewandhaus‘ and his wife Clara appeared as soloist during the performance of his piano concerto.

Today the visitor may follow Schumann’s footsteps through the composer’s hometown. The city walk, established in 2011, opens the way towards numerous places offering a close connection to the internationally renowned artist. Besides the visitor gets to know unique architectural monuments spanning nine centuries.


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