The Staircase foyer encompasses a multimedia installation created by the US performance artist Janet Grau and several sculptures made by Hermann Knaur (1811–1872, bust from 1856), Melchior Zur Strassen (1832–1896, bust made for the Gewandhaus Leipzig which Clara Schumann once called as the best Schumann bust known to her), Rudolf Mosebach (1860–1919), Carl Seffner (1861–1932) and Johannes Hartmann (1869–1952, draft version of the Robert Schumann monument in Zwickau from 1901). The gallery in the atrium shows various memorabilia: from a destination plate of an IC railway train named after Clara Schumann to round about 50 different postage stamps and coins from all around the world showing Robert and Clara Schumann. In addition the visitor can listen to the history of interpretation of Schumann’s Spring Symphony, the famous piano piece ‚Dreaming‘ and the ballad ‚The two grenadiers‘. The Robert Schumann House also invites the youngest visitors: With several musical games and a sound installation named ‚Dancing Letters‘.


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