Today this room is completely equipped with various belongings of the Schumann-Wieck family: a handcrafted carpet the choir singers from Dresden made especially for Robert and Clara Schumann, a tiled stove from the Zwickau house the composer grew up in, the standing desk Robert Schumann used for composing, his writing desk with the busts of Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Händel created by Hermann Knaur (1811-1872) which he acquired in May 1843 as well as portraits of Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert (including a dedication from Clara ‚To my beloved Robert… 1846‘) and the suitcase the couple used for their journey to Russia. And moreover, one can see Clara Schumann’s travelling desk set she used in England and the grand piano — built by André Stein in Vienna in 1827 — Clara Schumann played when she gave her first concert at the Gewandhaus Leipzig.


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