Marie and Friedrich Wieck • Children and Games • The 1847 Schumann Festival in Zwickau • Schumann — “For Young People” • Schumann and the Revolution 1848/49 • Schumann and Choral Life in Dresden • The Opera Genoveva • Fertile Creativity 1848–1850

The exhibition combines several subjects in this room: A bust of Friedrich Wieck, created by Theodor Benedikt Kietz (1829-1898), Wieck’s reconciliation letter addressed to Robert Schumann from 1843, a chess game and dominoes owned by the composer as well as toy cutlery  used by Schumann’s children, the autograph and original cover of Schumann’s Album for the Young, his cigar case and his golden watch chain. After having seen only painted portraits so far, the visitor may now have a look at a photograph of Schumann dating back to 1850. By looking through a pair of opera glasses from the 19th century the visitor experiences the premiere of Schumann’s opera Genoveva by the means of a three-dimensional image of the original scenery.


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