Student years in Leipzig/Heidelberg 1828-1835

Clara Wieck – Child Prodigy • Schumann in Heidelberg • A Stiff finger • Early Leipzig Piano Works • Beginnings in Music Criticism • Schumann’s Carnaval and Ernestine von Fricken • The RomanticSchool

Amongst the collection’s most significant pieces in this room are the early portraits of Clara Wieck and her parents, a portrait medal that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe gave to Clara Wieck with his autograph dedication, Schumann’s briefcase and pocket diary from 1830, a square piano by Friedrich Rosenkranz with a pianistic training device — a so-called ‚hand guide‘ — after 19th century models, original prints of the first works by Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck and a ball run which visitors may try out.


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